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Senior Legal Services

Legal Services were established under the guidelines of Title III B of the Older American's Act.  The purpose of the Legal Services Program is to increase availability and quality of legal services to individuals 60 years of age and older with legal issues around housing, wills, trusts, powers of attorneys, advanced healthcare directives, public benefits, and elder abuse restraining orders.

Meeting with Clients


The Transportation Program is provided under the guidelines of Title III B of the Older American's Act and  enables program participants aged 60 and above to continue daily activities such as doctor appointments, shopping and attending dining center meals.

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Information & Assistance

PSA 2 AAA provides older adults with information on and resources available within their communities and connects them to these services and opportunities. To the extent possible, PSA 2 will offer establishes adequate follow-up procedures. Internet web site "hits" are to be counted only if information is requested and supplied, and (C) is satisfied. Maximum extent practicable includes offering a follow-up call to all individuals who were linked to a service. Individuals can remain anonymous and refuse a follow-up call.

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Disaster Preparedness

To assist in preparation for a crisis, such as wildfire or flood, PSA 2 AAA distributes disaster preparedness materials that will assist seniors in the event of an emergency. These materials include File of Life or preparedness kits, among other types of informative resources.

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