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The PSA 2 AAA Advisory Council is a “grassroots voice" of older adults, and adults with functional impairments, in the PSA 2 region. The PSA 2 AAA Advisory Council also provides input into the development of Area Plan Goals and Objectives as well as participates in the activity to help achieve established goals. These activities include participation in various community programs and committees, outreach to local governments, advocating on senior issues, as well as the development and distribution of community education materials.

The Advisory Council is comprised of four representatives from each county, including representation from current contracted service providers within the PSA. Members of the Advisory Council reflect the socioeconomic make-up of the Planning and Service Area. At least 50 percent of the members are over the age of 60. The Advisory Council is also comprised of senior service providers, persons with disabilities, veterans, and others with specific professional knowledge of the aging and adult population. The members bring a voice from their own experience in representation of the targeted populations served by the PSA.

County Commissions on Aging and other senior organizations are responsible for proposing potential Advisory Council members to the County Board of Supervisors. The County Board of Supervisors appoints Advisory Council members as vacancies occur.

The Advisory Council meets on the last Friday of the month in accordance with the council's established meeting schedule.  To reach your local Advisory Council representative or to apply for a vacancy in your area, please contact PSA 2 AAA.


Lassen County

  • Tina Kennemore

  • Justin Cadili

  • Sharon Howard

  • Angela Reed

Modoc County

  • Clinton Davis 

  • Tiffany Gwinn

  • Debbie Mason

  • Vacant

Shasta County

  • Nancy Quirus, Chairman

  • Marianne Seifert

  • Maggie McNamara

  • Staci Wadley

Siskiyou County

  • Lydia Gil

  • Michelle Harris

  • Vacant

  • Linda Smith

Trinity County

  • Michael Cottone, Secretary

  • Vacant

  • Benjamin Sarkisian 

  • Vonnie Westbrook 



  • January 

  • February - No Meeting

  • March 

  • April

  • May

  • June

  • July

  • August 

  • September 

  • October

  • November 

  • December - No Meeting





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